Spread effects
De term spread effects (spreidingseffecten) duidt op het verschijnsel dat de periferie profijt heeft van economische ontwikkeling in het centrum. Het is een positief effect van cumulatieve causatie, en staat tegenover backwash effects.
Het kan bijvoorbeeld gebeuren dat bedrijven zich, naarmate het centrum zich verder ontwikkelt, steeds meer in perifere gebieden gaan vestigen omdat de grondprijzen daar lager zijn en er minder congestie is. Ook is het mogelijk dat de periferie direct profiteert van gestegen welvaart in het centrum omdat de overheid voor het hele land een nivellerende inkomenspolitiek voert.

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Spread effects - Wikipedia
De term Spread effects (spreidingseffecten) duidt op het verschijnsel dat de ... een positief effect van cumulatieve causatie, en staat tegenover backwash effects .
Spread effects (Betekenis/definitie van) - Encyclopedie
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spread effect: Definition from Answers.com
spread effect An expression used by G. Myrdal (1975) to describe the filtering through of wealth from central, prosperous areas, to peripheral , less wealthy.
Backwash and Spread Effect « Development
14 Jan 2010 ... What are the causes and consequences of 'backwash' and 'spread' effects? What type of public policies can correct any imbalances between ...
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Link building company that delivers high-quality links from a 30K+ proprietary publisher database. Get a Free Consultation for your agency or consultancy from  ...
Economic Spread Definition | Investopedia
Investopedia explains 'Economic Spread'. 1. Economic spread is a measure of a company's ability to make money on its ... Curbing The Effects Of Inflation.
Myrdal's Backwash and Spread Effects in Classical Economics - Jstor
2 Jun 2004 ... It is the purpose of this paper to juxtapose the backwash and Spread effects in classi- cal trade analyses,1 with the hope that the discussion can ...
Solutions for End-of-Chapter Questions and Problems ... - Leeds
Solutions for End-of-Chapter Questions and Problems: Chapter Eight Part B. 12. What is the spread effect? The spread effect is the effect that a change in the ...
The Spreading Effect in Economics | eHow
The Spreading Effect in Economics. Economics is a social science dealing with how the general public and businesses produce, consume and transfer wealth.
Spread Effect | LinkedIn
Welcome to the company profile of Spread Effect on LinkedIn. Spread Effect was founded in 2010 by Nathaniel Broughton and Brandon Laughridge to offer ...
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Spread effects (Betekenis/definitie van) - Encyclopedie
Spread effects Resultaten uit de online Nederlandstalige encyclopedieën in één ... de Universiteit Gent en Canvas hebben een wetenschappelijk onderzoek ...
Price effects of trading and components of the bid-ask spread on the ...
Price effects of trading and components of the bid-ask spread on the Paris Bourse ... Paper provided by Tilburg University in its series Open Access publications ...
Hepatitis C virus infection: spread and impact in the ... - Artsennet
21 maart 2013 ... Hepatitis C virus infection: spread and impact in the Netherlands ... Universiteit, Universiteit van Amsterdam. Faculteit, Geneeskunde.
[PDF]Unconventional Monetary Policy - International Journal of Central ...
Effects of a Spread Compression at the Zero. Lower Bound. ∗ ... Pretoria, and University of California at San Diego for useful comments and sug- gestions.
The Effects of Prize Spread and Noise in Elimination Tournaments ...
Publication » The Effects of Prize Spread and Noise in Elimination Tournaments: A Natural ... 1 Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam;
RSEW Leuven - Radboud Universiteit
30 aug 2013 ... His PhD-thesis concerned the impacts of acidification on the ... Kessel, N., Spread, establishment, effects and management of invasive gobies.
A Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Model to Investigate the Effect of Cattle ...
11 Nov 2013 ... This however did not prevent further rapid spread of BTV-8 across ... Editor: Alex R. Cook, National University of Singapore, Singapore.
[PDF]Swimming Propulsion Forces Are Enhanced by a Small Finger Spread
Marinho is with the Department of Sport Sciences, University ... The main aim of this study was to investigate the effect of finger spread on the propulsive force ...
[PDF]Economic Impact of the Spread of Alien Species in ... - NOBANIS
31 Dec 2002 ... Economic Impact of the Spread of Alien Species in Germany by ..... from the Free University in Berlin found no infected individuals in a study of ...
[PDF]Modelling the credit spread - CiteSeer
Erasmus University Rotterdam and University of Antwerp. Marc J.K. De ...... have an impact on the credit spread because, arguably, both kinds of provisions.
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Spread effects
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